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Information and Entertainment
​Information Links

​Deaf Network of Texas: Largest Deaf Community Resources & Newsletter in Texas & surrounding states — Owned and Operated by Grant Laird Jr.


Access News: News presented in print as well as signed and captioned video by Civication and Austin Community College


DeafDigest:  (established 1996) America's Unique Deaf Stories

Deaf Action Center- Fort Worth/Metroplex

Crosslands Plaza Office Park
6320 Southwest Boulevard 
​Suite #104
Fort Worth, TX 76109

Sheila Grady
Deafness Resource Specialist 

Office Phone:....................... 682-990-3601
Fax:....................................... 817-887-9108

Email:          [email protected]

Email:          [email protected]

Winden Royalty
Hearing Loss Resource Specialist 

Office Phone:....................... 817- 879-2889
Fax:....................................... 817-386-3117

Email:          [email protected]

Email:          [email protected]

Leslie Seggelink 
STAP Outreach Specialist

Cell/ Text- Office Phone:.....214- 991-1962


Deaf Action Center- Fort Worth/Metroplex
Funded by DARS/ Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services- Austin, TX


 AA Meeting – Dallas

Aquarius Group placeholder

3530 Forest Lane, Suite 61
Dallas, Texas 75234
Site: Park Forest Plaza

ASL Interpreter: Every Monday at Noon

ODAAT Group placeholder

2109 W Parker Rd, Suite 728
Plano, Texas 75023
One block W of Custer, turn by Pawlak Auto

ASL Interpreter: Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Dallas Intergroup Association


Entertainment  Links

D-PAN: Deaf Professional Arts Network  


The Silent Network TV:  Original programs presented in sign language, subtitles and full sound.

This page will hold a list of helpful links for those searching for services or information pertaining to the deaf Community

Tax Incentives for Equal Access

Interpreter Code of Professional Conduct

List of Local Interpreting Service Providers

DARS Office for Deaf and 
  Hard of Hearing Services

College Resources for Students

Study Abroad Info 

Life Skills/Assisted Living/Supported 
Employment for multiple handicapped Deaf

Tax Tips for the Deaf

Green Lasso- 
Pro Bono Interpreting Services for family/social situations (weddings, 
birthdays, funerals, baby showers, etc) with RID certified interpreters)

National Association of the Deaf 

Website Resource for College Students 
with Disabilities "We Connect Now" is a website that helps people with disabilities find jobs.

To learn about government grants and benefits people may apply for, go to

Family Health Reference To ASL- 
(This web site, found and shared by a group of Girl Scouts in Colorado who are working on their sign language badge, is just full of great information! )

A college guide for Deaf and /or disabled students can be found here:

Below is a great list of scholarship opportunities for Deaf High school and College students.
NOTE: When I visited this page to check it out, it caused a red warning page to pop up via my McAfee. I have visited several links without a problem... YET!  Please proceed with caution. 

Here is another link for college scholarship info:

Are you interested in a Medical Assisting Career? Check this out:

Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

RID Standard Practice Papers

The interpreters Friend

Texas School for the Deaf

Signs of Development

Described and Captioned Media

Street Leverage



Fingerspelling Practice

Numbers Practice

Grammar Practice & other categories for prep
(Hone your skills and help feed the hungry)

Deaf MD: Medical Signs

RID/ITP Glossary of Medical Terms
and Definitions

​Vocational Rehabilitation Glossary:
(this has a slow loading process on some media)

Country Signs:

Enabling American Sign Language to grow in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary


ASL Interpreting: Science and Math Resources

ASL Dictionary of Religious Signs:

Legal Terms in ASL _ The Midwest Center for Law and the Deaf (MCLD):

IRS Info in ASL

Needs Outreach (Technical Signs) Deaf and Hard of Hearing Information Clearinghouse (opens a downloadable phone app):

Deaf Community Information Links

Entertainment Links

Interpreter Support Sites

GREAT sites for CEUs

Some Helpful Links

Deafness Resource Specialist

3rd Saturday Pot Luck Silent Social
For all my Deaf friends, family and clients: You need to visit this web site

print out this page and carry it in your purse or wallet. When you go to the doctor or hospital and ask for an
interpreter and that doctor or hospital says you have to provide your own them this page. Below are 2 excerpts:

"U.S. Attorney’s offices across the nation are partnering with the Civil Rights Division to target their enforcement efforts on a critical area for individuals with disabilities through a new Barrier-Free Health Care Initiative...."

“These settlements ensure that deaf and hard of hearing patients can communicate with their doctors and obtain equal access to medical treatment, especially at critical moments in their care,” said Barbara McQuade, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. “This nationwide initiative emphasizes that disability discrimination in health care is illegal and unacceptable.”

Support Deaf Owned Businesses:

Deaf Owned Businesses in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area

ASL Dictionaries  (religious signs)

Deaf Culture Information

Deafness Resources


Disability Rights (Deaf/Profound hearing loss focus)

GREAT sites for CEUs.     -has a variety of webinars from different presenters including a favorite, Wendel "Wink" Smith     -CEU Radio hosted by Keith Wann with a variety of topics and presenters.      -has both live and archived webinars for CEUs. Many of the webinar workshops are FREE! Get on their mailing list!    -lots of workshops and webinars offered by these folks. prices vary. sign up for their mailing list.      -Is a new website that has partnered with Virginia RID for CEUs that are accepted by both RID and Texas BEI. Some of the links are not up and running yet, but the Online Discussion Groups and the On Demand Webinars both are available for VERY reasonable prices ($30-$35ish). So far, they seem to focus on ETHICS, mentoring and NIC test prep.      -Here is a link for the Deaf Action Center in Shreveport LA and scroll down to Current Events for an impressive list OR click on "Webcast Archives" to view what they have available On Demand. They are trying to do at least two new webcasts a month. All of the webcasts will remain on their website indefinitely and range around $35.00.