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Phyllis S. Bullon
We provide Certified, Professional, Sign language Interpreters for the Deaf in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Mid-Cities, Irving, and the surrounding counties, for all your sign language interpreting and communication needs. 
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Deaf Artists and Genre

-Paul Scearce:  Photography, Photoshop and Digital Artist.  Paul is also the artist who created our business logo, "Sign Language Interpreters Bridging the Gap Between the Deaf World and the Hearing World." He retains the rights to profit from the individual sales of this picture. His work has been published in magazines, used on TV, and won awards. Follow the links below to view/buy his work. (I currently own two of his signed works!)

-Francis and Mary Allen:  artistic Photography 

-Gustinus Ambrosi: sculpture, poetry, over 3000+ works 

Tony Fowler: A surrealistic digital artist and animator, Tony M Fowler, is known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that falls under the umbrella of surrealism and symbolism. His work challenges observers' perceptions of reality, psychology, nature and wildlife, and fairytale. 

-Algot Anderson:  Painter /painter of china, glassware, and lampshades. 

-Hillis Arnold: sculpture 

-Chuck Baird:  painter, mixed media  

-Robin Bartholick:  Photographer  

-Richard Bechdol: Sculptor  

-Delora Bertsch: ceramics  

-Claire Bergman: watercolor, pen and ink, oil paintings, and sculptures 

-David Bloch:  Painter, Porcelain Artist, and Woodcut Printmaker 

-Sander Blondeel: stained glass artist  

-Diana Lyn Bonadurer: artist, art restorer  

-Jean Boutcher:  portraits in oil paint 

-John Brewster, Jr.:  

-Morris Broderson:  oils, watercolors, pastels and lithographs  

-Uzi Buzgalo:  painter 

-John Carlin: painting, writing, poet, public sign-speaker 

-James Castle: drawings, homemade books  

-James Canning: painter- oil  

-Dmitry Chukhray: painter  

-Sue Clancy: paintings, books, cartoons  

-Adrean Clark: digital photo manipulation, freelance designer and cartoonist  

-John Clarke: sculptor wood carver, painter 

-Sally Cohen: Oils, Acrylics, Aquatint, Monoprints, Collage, Miniatures, Semi-Abstract Landscapes, Florals.  

-Theresa Coughlan: drawing, weaving, textile design- many art works include signs 

-Suellen Newhouse Cupp:  Painter - many art works include signs  

-Matt Daigle: advertising design, graphic artist, humorist, cartoonist  

-Candi Daviton: mixed media  

-Jenamarie Daviton-Sciandra:  Mixed-Media Painter 

-Theophilus Hope D’estrella: photography, painting, writing, teaching  

-Rolando Lopez Dirube: painting, teacher, mentor 

-Randy Dunham:  neo-surrealist artist  

-Susan Dupor: painter  

-Patti Durr:   Mixed-Media Artist, Playwright and Filmmaker 

-Amy Edwards: drawing, CG artist 

-Nadia Filipova: black and white illustration, watercolor, computer photography/graphics  

-Mark Fisher:  the first successful Deaf animator  

-Carol Fleming:  Sculptor  

-Allen Ford:  Photographer  

-Michael Freeman: 3D Artist, Animator and illustrator  

-Antonio Gomez Feu: Artist

-Louis Frisino: dog and wildlife artist  

-Randy Garber: print making, mixed media 

-Jessica Geiger: character sculptures  

-Jennifer Geller: Painter  

-Boris Ginzberg: painter  

-Paula Grcevic: papermaking, mixed media, glass artist 

-Bob Green: Graphic design, design management and consultations on design needs

-Joseph Grigely: 

-Donna E. Gustina:  photography, painting, ceramics and theatre

-Regina Olson Hughes: sketching, painting, watercolor, pen and ink 

-Lee S. Ivey: clay sculptures, India ink, acrylic  

-Paul Johnston: painting, wood sculptures

-Victor Kalepov: Painter  

-Tim Kettering: photography  

-Maureen Klusza: Cartoonist  

-Sergex Knyazev: drawing, painting

-Lesley Kushner: oil painting, mixed media

-Carl Lil’ Bear: sculptor, woodcarver

-Mian Sheng "Leon" Lim:  Interior Design, Photography, ceramics, sculpture, painting, fashion design, glass, illustration, printmaking, and filmmaking.

-Antonia Lindsey: painter, mixed /reused media  

-Victor Magide: photography

-Jesse Maleh: interactive & graphic design 

-Alexander Martianov:  painting, designing theater posters, set design 

-Thad Martin: sculpture, ceramics

-Wendy Maruyama: painter, mixed media, moveable shadow box frames 

-Gary Mayers: sculpture, landscape architecture

-Robert Mayes: pastel and black marker drawings

-Michelle McAuliffe: photography  

-Tony Landon McGregor: Drawing, printmaking, wood-burning  

-William Mercer:   

-David Michalowski: logo and graphics design, interactive multimedia presentation, web design, interactive cd-rom design

-Anatoly Mikliaev: painter

-Betty Miller: drawing, painting, multimedia, neon light sculptures  

-Warren Miller: painting  

-Eiichi Mitsui: porcelain painter  

-Tommy Motswai:  drawing, lithographs 

-Melissa Mostyn: ink and wash, pen and ink, mixed media, photoshop manipulation, writer

-Juan Fernandez de Navarrete:

-Albert Newsam:

-Joan Popovich-Kutscher:  painting, drawing, printmaking/lithographs, etching, 

-Rene’ Pierre Charles Princeteau:

-David Prusinski: oil painter

-Nate Quall: painting, graphic design  

-Jeremy Quiroga: mixed media

-Mary Rappazzo: painting  

-Joy Raskin: sculpture

-Granville Redmond: landscape painter, silent movie actor (bit parts)

-Rebecca Reihm: photography  

-Shawn Richardson: cartoonist

-Nancy Rourke:  oil painting 

-Tracey Salaway: oil painting, digital art, traditional/computer art combined

-Tina Samper: watercolor paintings

-Henry Sanders: painting, sketches, illustrations

-Orkid Sassouni: black and white photography

-Maggie Lee Sayre:  photographer, with a published book "Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre" : Photographs of a River Life”

-Mataly Shkondon: painter

-Natalya Shkurdira: painting

-Ann Silver:  mixed media, technical ink, pencil drawing

-Nancy Cook Smith:  textiles, hand woven fabrics designer 

-Kurt Stoskopf:  clip art, cartoon and book illustrations  

-Rita Straubhaar:  photography

-Stefrose : Jeweler & Textile Artist

-Alexei Svetlov:  drawing, designer and creator of posters, theatre sets, flats, backdrops  

-Eddie Swayze:  acrylic painting, mixed media

-Charlie Swinbourne: journalist, writer director 

-Tatyana Tankovskay:  painting, black & white drawings

-RobinTaylor:  painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, acting 

-Mary J. Thornley: painting, drawing, charcoal

-Douglas Tilden: sculpture 

-Jason Trzebny:  photography

-Tate Tullier: photography  

-Scott Upton:  digital art, desktop publisher, graphic design, pressman-full color printing  

-Robert Walker: drawing, painting, sculpture

-Cadwallader Lincoln Washburn:

-Rudolf Werner: painter, graphics design

-Walter Whitlock:  drawing, painting

-Charles Bourke Wildbank: photorealism paintings  

-Alex Wilhite: painting  

-Harry R. Williams: painting  

-Pamela Witcher:  painting 

-Robert Wittig:   mixed media  

-Guy Wonder: mixed/multi media, sculpture  

-Larry Yanez Sr.: painting

-Dmitry Zolotorsky: painting

-Ramon de Zubiaurre:

-Valentin de Zubiarre:

I have started with a list of known Deaf Artists. As I find more, I will add them to the list.  I also plan to continue researching for links to the artists listed.